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0022109mantisbtuipublic2023-10-31 16:32
Reporterdregad Assigned Todregad  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2.0.0-beta.1 
Target Version2.26.0Fixed in Version2.26.0 
Summary0022109: Bugnotes links tilde ' ~' sign rendered as dash '-' in View page

See attached screenshot.

This only occurs at 100% zoom level, when the font size is 13px, and is consistently reproducible with Firefox and Chrome and IE.

Steps To Reproduce

Open any issue's bug view page at 100% zoom, e.g.

Additional Information

This would appear to be an issue with the Open Sans font

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tilde-as-dash.png (29,852 bytes)   


parent of 0028964 closeddregad New build script to download updated font files 
has duplicate 0022748 closedatrol Tilde looks like hyphen on Chrome/Windows 
has duplicate 0028955 closeddregad Tilde appears as a dash 




2021-08-04 03:36

reporter   ~0065728

Following from bug 28955:

Some changes have been made on this font in February 2021, and it solves this issue.
Unfortunately, the changes have not been added on Google Font.
However, I've tested the regular font located at, and it solves the problem reported (see attachment).
Both font sizes were set to 13px.

More interestingly, when following the steps you described to reproduce the issue, I now see a tilde instead of the dash visible in your original screenshot (at least on Firefox), at 100%.

open-sans-tests.png (3,913 bytes)   
open-sans-tests.png (3,913 bytes)   
tilde-visible.png (20,234 bytes)   
tilde-visible.png (20,234 bytes)   


2021-08-04 19:08

developer   ~0065730

Indeed it would appear that Google fixed the Open Sans font, but have not updated their own demo site with it (as shown in the screenshot I attached at 0028955:0065727), which misled me.

Now that you mention it, I see that the problem is indeed gone from here, which implies that the Google CDN we use to retrieve fonts CSS has been updated, so we just need to retrieve the latest .woff files for local use.



2021-08-07 09:29

developer   ~0065732




2022-04-14 04:38

developer   ~0066425

@dregad at the moment I have CDN disabled on because of 0029857
For me it looks like as if the issue not fixed with the local fonts. (Tried latest Firefox)



2022-04-14 05:04

developer   ~0066426

For me it looks like as if the issue not fixed with the local fonts. (Tried latest Firefox)

Works for me... Maybe a caching issue ?



2022-04-14 05:15

developer   ~0066428

Last edited: 2022-04-14 05:20

@dregad it's not a caching issue.
I tried also Edge (finally the same rendering engine like Chrome)
Both tests running on Windows 10.
I will try this evening also on Mac and/or Linux.

If I zoom in one level (Ctrl++), then it's OK.
If I use standard zoom / no scaling (Ctrl+0) then I get the issue on both browsers.

Just to be sure: You have set "Open Sans" in your preferences?



2022-04-14 06:15

developer   ~0066431

Just to be sure: You have set "Open Sans" in your preferences?


I'm on Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS, tested with Firefox 99.0 and Chromium 100.0.4896.88 - both display the ~ correctly at all zoom levels.



2022-04-17 07:49

developer   ~0066437

On macOS it looks a bit better than on the Windows system I tried, but still not good.
Screenshot is taken on old macOS 10.13.6 using latest Firefox 99.0.1.



2022-04-17 09:20

developer   ~0066440

Windows 11 on 15 inch screen HD resolution without scaling



2022-04-17 09:22

developer   ~0066441

Last edited: 2022-04-17 09:23

Windows 11 on 15 inch screen HD resolution with OS recommended 125% scaling



2022-04-18 05:03

developer   ~0066443

The Google Fonts issue I referenced in the description above ( is still opened apparently, so maybe they did not consider the problem fully resolved; there is also (also open).

Can you test if the issue is reproducible here ?

If the tilde is correctly rendered, then try installing the latest font versions (there is an open-sans v28 available, we're on v23), and see if that fixes it for us ?

php build/update-fonts.php 


2022-04-19 07:28

developer   ~0066448

Didn't try myself, but got some feedback from forum.
php build/ fixed the issue.



2022-04-19 11:20

developer   ~0066451

Based on the feedback from @amphetamine, I just updated the fonts to the latest version.

Related Changesets

MantisBT: master 5be18249

2021-08-24 08:25


Details Diff
Update local font files

- montserrat: v12 -> v18
- open-sans: v15 -> v23
- poppins: v5 -> v15

The updated Open Sans font fixes the issue with tilde `~` being
displayed as dash `-` for some sizes / zoom levels.

Fixes 0022109
Affected Issues
mod - css/fonts.css Diff File
rm - fonts/montserrat-v12-cyrillic-ext-regular.woff Diff
rm - fonts/montserrat-v12-cyrillic-ext-regular.woff2 Diff
rm - fonts/montserrat-v12-cyrillic-regular.woff Diff
rm - fonts/montserrat-v12-cyrillic-regular.woff2 Diff
rm - fonts/montserrat-v12-latin-ext-regular.woff Diff
rm - fonts/montserrat-v12-latin-ext-regular.woff2 Diff
rm - fonts/montserrat-v12-latin-regular.woff Diff
rm - fonts/montserrat-v12-latin-regular.woff2 Diff
rm - fonts/montserrat-v12-vietnamese-regular.woff Diff
rm - fonts/montserrat-v12-vietnamese-regular.woff2 Diff
add - fonts/montserrat-v18-cyrillic-ext-regular.woff Diff File
add - fonts/montserrat-v18-cyrillic-ext-regular.woff2 Diff File
add - fonts/montserrat-v18-cyrillic-regular.woff Diff File
add - fonts/montserrat-v18-cyrillic-regular.woff2 Diff File
add - fonts/montserrat-v18-latin-ext-regular.woff Diff File
add - fonts/montserrat-v18-latin-ext-regular.woff2 Diff File
add - fonts/montserrat-v18-latin-regular.woff Diff File
add - fonts/montserrat-v18-latin-regular.woff2 Diff File
add - fonts/montserrat-v18-vietnamese-regular.woff Diff File
add - fonts/montserrat-v18-vietnamese-regular.woff2 Diff File
rm - fonts/open-sans-v15-cyrillic-ext-regular.woff Diff
rm - fonts/open-sans-v15-cyrillic-ext-regular.woff2 Diff
rm - fonts/open-sans-v15-cyrillic-regular.woff Diff
rm - fonts/open-sans-v15-cyrillic-regular.woff2 Diff
rm - fonts/open-sans-v15-greek-ext-regular.woff Diff
rm - fonts/open-sans-v15-greek-ext-regular.woff2 Diff
rm - fonts/open-sans-v15-greek-regular.woff Diff
rm - fonts/open-sans-v15-greek-regular.woff2 Diff
rm - fonts/open-sans-v15-latin-ext-regular.woff Diff
rm - fonts/open-sans-v15-latin-ext-regular.woff2 Diff
rm - fonts/open-sans-v15-latin-regular.woff Diff
rm - fonts/open-sans-v15-latin-regular.woff2 Diff
rm - fonts/open-sans-v15-vietnamese-regular.woff Diff
rm - fonts/open-sans-v15-vietnamese-regular.woff2 Diff
add - fonts/open-sans-v23-cyrillic-ext-regular.woff Diff File
add - fonts/open-sans-v23-cyrillic-ext-regular.woff2 Diff File
add - fonts/open-sans-v23-cyrillic-regular.woff Diff File
add - fonts/open-sans-v23-cyrillic-regular.woff2 Diff File
add - fonts/open-sans-v23-greek-ext-regular.woff Diff File
add - fonts/open-sans-v23-greek-ext-regular.woff2 Diff File
add - fonts/open-sans-v23-greek-regular.woff Diff File
add - fonts/open-sans-v23-greek-regular.woff2 Diff File
add - fonts/open-sans-v23-latin-ext-regular.woff Diff File
add - fonts/open-sans-v23-latin-ext-regular.woff2 Diff File
add - fonts/open-sans-v23-latin-regular.woff Diff File
add - fonts/open-sans-v23-latin-regular.woff2 Diff File
add - fonts/open-sans-v23-vietnamese-regular.woff Diff File
add - fonts/open-sans-v23-vietnamese-regular.woff2 Diff File
add - fonts/poppins-v15-devanagari-regular.woff Diff File
add - fonts/poppins-v15-devanagari-regular.woff2 Diff File
add - fonts/poppins-v15-latin-ext-regular.woff Diff File
add - fonts/poppins-v15-latin-ext-regular.woff2 Diff File
add - fonts/poppins-v15-latin-regular.woff Diff File
add - fonts/poppins-v15-latin-regular.woff2 Diff File
rm - fonts/poppins-v5-devanagari-regular.woff Diff
rm - fonts/poppins-v5-devanagari-regular.woff2 Diff
rm - fonts/poppins-v5-latin-ext-regular.woff Diff
rm - fonts/poppins-v5-latin-ext-regular.woff2 Diff
rm - fonts/poppins-v5-latin-regular.woff Diff
rm - fonts/poppins-v5-latin-regular.woff2 Diff

MantisBT: master 2d11e4e3

2022-04-19 11:17


Details Diff
Update local font files

- montserrat: v18 -> v23
- open-sans: v23 -> v28
- poppins: v15 -> v19

The updated Open Sans font fixes more issues with tilde `~` being
displayed as dash `-` for some sizes / zoom levels.

Added open-sans hebrew to CSS and updated unicode ranges.

Fixes 0022109 [skip ci]
Affected Issues
mod - css/fonts.css Diff File
rm - fonts/montserrat-v18-cyrillic-ext-regular.woff Diff
rm - fonts/montserrat-v18-cyrillic-ext-regular.woff2 Diff
rm - fonts/montserrat-v18-cyrillic-regular.woff Diff
rm - fonts/montserrat-v18-cyrillic-regular.woff2 Diff
rm - fonts/montserrat-v18-latin-ext-regular.woff Diff
rm - fonts/montserrat-v18-latin-ext-regular.woff2 Diff
rm - fonts/montserrat-v18-latin-regular.woff Diff
rm - fonts/montserrat-v18-latin-regular.woff2 Diff
rm - fonts/montserrat-v18-vietnamese-regular.woff Diff
rm - fonts/montserrat-v18-vietnamese-regular.woff2 Diff
add - fonts/montserrat-v23-cyrillic-ext-regular.woff Diff File
add - fonts/montserrat-v23-cyrillic-ext-regular.woff2 Diff File
add - fonts/montserrat-v23-cyrillic-regular.woff Diff File
add - fonts/montserrat-v23-cyrillic-regular.woff2 Diff File
add - fonts/montserrat-v23-latin-ext-regular.woff Diff File
add - fonts/montserrat-v23-latin-ext-regular.woff2 Diff File
add - fonts/montserrat-v23-latin-regular.woff Diff File
add - fonts/montserrat-v23-latin-regular.woff2 Diff File
add - fonts/montserrat-v23-vietnamese-regular.woff Diff File
add - fonts/montserrat-v23-vietnamese-regular.woff2 Diff File
rm - fonts/open-sans-v23-cyrillic-ext-regular.woff Diff
rm - fonts/open-sans-v23-cyrillic-ext-regular.woff2 Diff
rm - fonts/open-sans-v23-cyrillic-regular.woff Diff
rm - fonts/open-sans-v23-cyrillic-regular.woff2 Diff
rm - fonts/open-sans-v23-greek-ext-regular.woff Diff
rm - fonts/open-sans-v23-greek-ext-regular.woff2 Diff
rm - fonts/open-sans-v23-greek-regular.woff Diff
rm - fonts/open-sans-v23-greek-regular.woff2 Diff
rm - fonts/open-sans-v23-latin-ext-regular.woff Diff
rm - fonts/open-sans-v23-latin-ext-regular.woff2 Diff
rm - fonts/open-sans-v23-latin-regular.woff Diff
rm - fonts/open-sans-v23-latin-regular.woff2 Diff
rm - fonts/open-sans-v23-vietnamese-regular.woff Diff
rm - fonts/open-sans-v23-vietnamese-regular.woff2 Diff
add - fonts/open-sans-v28-cyrillic-ext-regular.woff Diff File
add - fonts/open-sans-v28-cyrillic-ext-regular.woff2 Diff File
add - fonts/open-sans-v28-cyrillic-regular.woff Diff File
add - fonts/open-sans-v28-cyrillic-regular.woff2 Diff File
add - fonts/open-sans-v28-greek-ext-regular.woff Diff File
add - fonts/open-sans-v28-greek-ext-regular.woff2 Diff File
add - fonts/open-sans-v28-greek-regular.woff Diff File
add - fonts/open-sans-v28-greek-regular.woff2 Diff File
add - fonts/open-sans-v28-hebrew-regular.woff Diff File
add - fonts/open-sans-v28-hebrew-regular.woff2 Diff File
add - fonts/open-sans-v28-latin-ext-regular.woff Diff File
add - fonts/open-sans-v28-latin-ext-regular.woff2 Diff File
add - fonts/open-sans-v28-latin-regular.woff Diff File
add - fonts/open-sans-v28-latin-regular.woff2 Diff File
add - fonts/open-sans-v28-vietnamese-regular.woff Diff File
add - fonts/open-sans-v28-vietnamese-regular.woff2 Diff File
rm - fonts/poppins-v15-devanagari-regular.woff Diff
rm - fonts/poppins-v15-devanagari-regular.woff2 Diff
rm - fonts/poppins-v15-latin-ext-regular.woff Diff
rm - fonts/poppins-v15-latin-ext-regular.woff2 Diff
rm - fonts/poppins-v15-latin-regular.woff Diff
rm - fonts/poppins-v15-latin-regular.woff2 Diff
add - fonts/poppins-v19-devanagari-regular.woff Diff File
add - fonts/poppins-v19-devanagari-regular.woff2 Diff File
add - fonts/poppins-v19-latin-ext-regular.woff Diff File
add - fonts/poppins-v19-latin-ext-regular.woff2 Diff File
add - fonts/poppins-v19-latin-regular.woff Diff File
add - fonts/poppins-v19-latin-regular.woff2 Diff File