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0031943mantisbtinstallationpublic2023-02-22 19:21
Reporterbma19955 Assigned Todregad  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2.25.5 
Target Version2.25.6Fixed in Version2.25.6 
Summary0031943: Creation of dynamic properies is deprecated in PHP 8.2

Creation of dynamic property MantisPHPSession::$key is deprecated in C:\xampp\htdocs\mantisbt\core\session_api.php on line 103

realice los ajustes del ticket 30429 pero aun me sigue saliendo el siguiente mensaje.
-> Make the adjustments for ticket 0030429 but I still get the following message

TagsPHP 8.2
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related to 0030429 closeddregad Upcoming incompatibility with PHP 8.2, "Deprecate ${} string interpolation" RFC 
child of 0032027 closeddregad PHP 8.2 support 




2023-01-27 02:00

developer   ~0067328

@dregad similar to 0030429:0066964 you might want to target to 2.25.6.
But be aware that there are some more changes in master / 2.26.0 that are needed for PHP 8.2, e.g. there is 0030790
Also not sure if our 3rd party components we use for 2.25.x are ready for PHP 8.2 (didn't check).



2023-01-27 02:53

developer   ~0067329

While I don't mind including such changes in 2.25.6, please note that it will not be possible to fully support PHP 8.2 in the 2.25 branch, because that requires also an update of ADOdb to release 5.22 (we're currently on 5.20), which would introduce a conflict in minimum PHP requirements.

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MantisBT: master-2.25 b79aff48

2023-02-15 11:02


Details Diff
Define MantisPHPSession::$key property

Session initialization triggers PHP warning: Creation of dynamic
property is deprecated.

Fixes 0031943
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mod - core/session_api.php Diff File