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Theme Plugin BeachSide

Post by MadkaT »

hello, I recently saw this application and it seems like a good work tool, I work in software development and since some users asked for themes support, I was motivated to try to create a plugin for it by reading the example plugins, I created a theme that exceeds the original css, allowing somehow the customization of the interface, the plugin is open source, if any user wants to create their theme based on it. I leave after this message the link to the repository. Thanks for your attention. :mrgreen:
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Re: Theme Plugin BeachSide

Post by fyk0722 »

Can you add several more color choices for themes? Thank you.
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Re: Theme Plugin BeachSide

Post by Starbuck »

@MadkaT - That's pretty cool. I suggest you offer your services for a fee. End-users with MantisBT tend to be companies with a need to do extensive issue tracking. These companies appreciate FOSS but they also need to appreciate the value of keeping developers alive to write more FOSS. The model I suggest is for companies to commission you to create new themes, and when you are paid you can publish the theme as FOSS. Or they can pay you a little more NOT to publish. All of us benefit with more FOSS.

Why should a company pay for code development that then gets distributed for free?
If you aren't paid to write code, don't do it. A company pays nothing, and they get nothing. That's fair. Business people understand that model. When you get paid for the initial effort, then publish. When FOSS is published, everyone who uses it gets the benefit of free fixes and enhancements. That's the FOSS model. But the model only works when people offer their time for that effort. Too many companies make the stupid assumption that millions of developers have nothing else to do but work on free code for the fun of it - and we also have no bills to pay. FOSS is free to take, but you get it as-is. The consumer has the Freedom to make their own changes. If they choose not to make changes internally, to pay their own people to make changes, then they can choose to pay someone else to make changes. This is not contrary to the FOSS model. This is how the model should work in order to keep more developers interested. The FOSS model fails in many cases (uncountable plugins that go unmaintained by depressed developers) because it's not implemented properly.

So use your talent to create a small business for yourself. (This applies to anyone who has skills to create plugins or styles.) That will encourage you to do more, and that's good for all of us. I'm asking you to earn money, purely for my own selfish desires to get more FOSS. And others should be encouraging you to do the same for their own selfish reasons. Without people like you, the maintainers of MantisBT, Atrol, plugin developers, and style developers, none of this works. We need to keep people alive and interested, or it all goes away ... and there are uncountable examples of that to prove the concept.
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