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Announce Plugin

Posted: 19 Feb 2019, 13:04
by Anthony_77

I meet some difficulties to install the plug in "Announce"... does anyone can help me ?

Here are my steps :
- download the 2.4.1 version (.zip but it's the same with the tar.gz)
- unzip the directory "Announce- 2.4.1"
- rename the directory "Announce-2.4.1" by "Announce"
- Copy it to the mantis directory plugin
- Open mantis \ administration \ plugin (gérer les plugiciels)

=> the page is blank (except the menu), all my plugins (installed or not) are masked
=> if y modify the name of the directory "Announce" by "Announce-2.4.1" then the page works well but cannot find the plugin "Announce"

My Mantis Version is 2.5.1 (french) and this plugin run with a 2.3 or above.

Thanks for your tips.

Re: Announce Plugin

Posted: 19 Feb 2019, 13:43
by cas
once you remove the Annnounce directory from the system, all is normal again?
If not, then another plugin is causing this behaviour.
If so, please raise an issue here:

Re: Announce Plugin

Posted: 19 Feb 2019, 14:21
by Anthony_77
Yes. When I remove this plugin, all is ok.

So I close this topic and open an issue.