Custom button created from a puglin

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Custom button created from a puglin

Post by JorG »

Hi all! : :)

I was developing my first puglin ( I'm a begginner in MantisBT) , which is able to hook( bug creation ) and extract all the info from that new bug.
The improve i was thinking of it's a bit complicated. I tried searching on the forum , web and documentation but i didn't find anything.

I would like that when the user, clicks in the view page of an specific bug, as It's shown on the screenshot , in the red box is created a new button which is able to capture all the info about the bug then throw an exception with the information captured , when it's clicked. That would be joined with my part which is able to hook an event , and extract the info from it.

Does anyone know how to accomplish that?

Thank you very much in advance :D
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Re: Custom button created from a puglin

Post by atrol »

Check Developers Guide for EVENT_MENU_ISSUE ...

As a beginner it's certainly good to learn from existing plugins
Please use Search before posting and read the Manual
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