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-====== Introduction ====== +This page was moved to [[mantisbt:​issue:7075]]
- +
-This pages outlines the approach ​to be taken in order for Mantis to support integration with a Wiki. +
- +
-====== Why? ====== +
- +
-Mantis covers very well the area of bugtracker, however, when developers are implementing features that require some sort of upfront brain storming, documentation,​ and design, the notes approach may become a bit overwhelming. ​ I find that notes are very good for people to provide their thoughts. However, eventually the developer needs to put these thoughts together into one artifact that reflects what exactly will be implemented. ​ This then becomes the basis for documentation,​ testing, etc. +
- +
-For agile environments the use of Wiki to manage such documentation is a good option. ​ This can include a description of the feature, some implementation notes, and even some testing notes. +
- +
-====== Integration ====== +
- +
-===== Single-Signon ===== +
- +
-Mantis users must not need to login into the Wiki.  The wiki must automatically recognise the logged in Mantis user. +
- +
-===== Authorisation ===== +
- +
-What a user can do must depend on their Mantis access level. ​ For example, viewers and reporters may only be able to view the wiki, updaters may be able to edit it, developers/​managers/​administrators to create pages. ​ The authorisation must also take into consideration the project and whether the issue is private/​public. +
- +
-===== Integration with Multiple Engines ===== +
- +
-The integration must be implemented in a way where it is possible to integrate multiple wiki engines with Mantis. ​ The choice may be based on the preference of the company that is using Mantis. ​ However, the Mantis development team will probably only support one integration. ​ At the moment this is the integration with [[http://​|DokuWiki]].+
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