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 ====== Instant Mantis ====== ====== Instant Mantis ======
- +**Instant Mantis is no longer supported checkout [[|MantisHub]] if you want to try MantisBT**
- +
-===== What is Instant Mantis? ===== +
- +
-Instant Mantis is an out-of-the-box, pre-configured, full featured version of Mantis that runs without having to install the application, the web server and the database.  It has been tested on Windows 2000/XP/Vista and should work just as well with other flavors of Windows.  Everything required to run Mantis is included in a zip file.  Just unpack the file to your hard disk (you can run it off a USB drive too!), launch the web server and database processes and open your browser to the Mantis home page. +
- +
-Instant Mantis is ideally suited to those who want to evaluate or test Mantis or use it for demos.  It is also great as a portable version of Mantis which can work on an isolated notebook/computer without Internet access.  Conceivably, it could also be used for mini projects where you want a quick way to keep track of bugs and features without the overhead of having a full install of the web server and database.  However, at the moment we do not recommend using Instant Mantis in a production environment specially when you have Internet access. +
- +
-The good news is that Instant Mantis runs the exact same Mantis code and uses the Mantis database schema.  Hence, what could start as a test area or a trial installation can then be upgraded easily to a production instance.12345678900 +
-:-):-) +
- +
-===== Instant Mantis Related Articles ===== +
- +
-  * [[instantmantis_install|Installing Instant Mantis]] +
-  * [[instantmantis_upgrade|Upgrading Instant Mantis to latest Mantis version]] +
-  * [[|Running Instant Mantis as a Service]] +
-  [[instantmantis_faq|Instant Mantis FAQ]] +
-  [[|Backing up InstantMantis data]]+
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