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Instant Mantis

What is Instant Mantis?

Instant Mantis is an out-of-the-box, pre-configured, full featured version of Mantis that runs without having to install the application, the web server and the database. It has been tested on Windows 2000/XP/Vista and should work just as well with other flavors of Windows. Everything required to run Mantis is included in a zip file. Just unpack the file to your hard disk (you can run it off a USB drive too!), launch the web server and database processes and open your browser to the Mantis home page.

Instant Mantis is ideally suited to those who want to evaluate or test Mantis or use it for demos. It is also great as a portable version of Mantis which can work on an isolated notebook/computer without Internet access. Conceivably, it could also be used for mini projects where you want a quick way to keep track of bugs and features without the overhead of having a full install of the web server and database. However, at the moment we do not recommend using Instant Mantis in a production environment specially when you have Internet access.

The good news is that Instant Mantis runs the exact same Mantis code and uses the Mantis database schema. Hence, what could start as a test area or a trial installation can then be upgraded easily to a production instance.

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