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Bug 2077

Current situation

News can be posted to:

  • a single project ( default threshold = MANAGER )
  • “All Projects” ( needs ADMINISTRATOR priv )

News Attributes

  • Announcement :: news marked as such are sorted before others
  • Public/private :: private news are visible by users above threshold ( default = DEVELOPER )


When “All projects” is selected:

  • Only news posted to “All projects” are shown

When a specific Project is selected:

  • News from the project + “All project” news are shown

Proposed scenario

The main two shortcomings of the current situation are:

1. the "All project" semantic in the news page is not consistent with the other pages
2. MANAGERs can not post news with the "All project" visibility

News attributes

A new is_global flag will be available for the MANAGER to mark news to be visible everywhere. Basically, this flag replaces the posting on “All projects”


When “All projects” is selected:

  • All news from all projects are shown ( this solves 1. )

When a specific Project is selected:

  • News from the project + news marked “is_global” are shown ( this solves 2. )

Implementation to-do list

  • schema change on news_table_page (is_global)
  • add new flag to add/edit news page
  • clearly mark the project name when global news are shown
  • ? prevent posts on “All projects”
  • ? specific threshold for posting global news
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