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   * Development Environment   * Development Environment
     * [[http://​​mantisconnect|Eclipse Plug-in]] (uses MantisConnect,​ license required)     * [[http://​​mantisconnect|Eclipse Plug-in]] (uses MantisConnect,​ license required)
-    * [[http://​|Eclipse Mylyn Plug-in]]+    * [[https://​​Mylyn-Mantis/​mylyn-mantis|Eclipse Mylyn Plug-in]]
     * [[http://​​blog/?​page_id=11|MantisConnect for IDEA]] (uses MantisConnect,​ license required)     * [[http://​​blog/?​page_id=11|MantisConnect for IDEA]] (uses MantisConnect,​ license required)
     * [[http://​​useritems/​Linkify.asp|Linkify AddIn for VS 2005]]     * [[http://​​useritems/​Linkify.asp|Linkify AddIn for VS 2005]]
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