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Tester Role

Author: Victor Boctor

  • Responsible for testing latest code in Subversion. Testers should subscribe to and test the features as they are committed.
  • Responsible for pre-release testing including Wiki articles for documenting test cases.
  • Testing of alpha/beta/rc releases (e.g. 1.2.0a2).
  • Validating issues in the bugtracker by reproducing issues, adding more details, resolving duplicate or non-reprucible issues. For example, there are a lot of issues in the bug tracker that are duplicates or are already fixed. The older the issue, the more likely it is already covered.
  • Help with supporting other users of mantisbt-help mailing list, forums, and providing mantis_recipies on the wiki.
  • Subscribe to mantisbt-lang and mantisbt-dev mailing lists to be up-to-date with discussions relating to coming features and globalization changes.
  • Providepatches for bug fixes.
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