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PayPal Integration

Author: Victor Boctor Status: Work in Progress


Mantis supports the concept of sponsorship where users can put sponsorships on issues and developers can do the work and contact the users for the payments. Mantis also provides ways to track the sponsorships and depends on the developers to update the status of such sponsorships as unpaid, requested or paid. The exchange of PayPal email information, receiving the payments and update the sponsorship status is all done out of band.

The aim of this integration is to implement a richer integration which provides the following features:

1. Allow the sponsors to click on a button or icon in the issue and make the payment to the developer.

2. Auto-update the sponsorship based on the paypal notification that the payment is made.

3. Allow users to donate money to developers that have an email address registered.

4. Allow users to donate to a project.

Database Schema Change

  • paypal_email - Add PayPal email address to mantis_user_table.
  • paypal_email - Add PayPal email address to mantis_project_table.


  • Please add your ideas and feedback here.
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